#1 Eco-friendly travel

When possible walk, ride a bicycle or an electric scooter to the event. Try an electric car if you have something big or heavy, and share it with someone else. Use public transportation. Take a taxi together with your friends or colleagues. Avoid using a private car (and save on the parking fee 😉 ).

#2 Personal bottle / coffee mug

Bring your own water bottle (we’ll provide water dispensers) and a coffee/tea thermal mug to the event. If you don’t have one, use recyclable or reusable cups and water bottles (even if you have to use a “worlds best DAD coffee cup holder :D” ). Recommend that your friends, colleagues and other attendees to bring their own drinkware.

#3 No scru…badges  

This year we won’t have entry passes. If you want your own badge you can take any badge you already have at home from any event with your name on it (hey, maybe it’s your chance to finally go by the code name Bond… James Bond).

#4 Invite and educate

Share information about zero-waste to your friends, relatives and colleagues. The Digital Freedom Festival is a zero-waste event and we encourage everyone to also follow zero-waste practices in everyday life, business and thinking in general. Start smart, get BIG!