Experience Digital Freedom Festival as a volunteer!

The Digital Freedom Festival is a meeting place to celebrate digital culture, seek the answers to our future, and discuss the benefits of the digital revolution. We’re looking for ambitious and committed volunteers to help ensure the DFF is a mind-blowing, memory overloading, neverending fun and successfully overwhelming experience for all attendees! This year’s main topic is HUMAN & MACHINE, acknowledging the important role of technology in the lives of humans.

Volunteering at the Digital Freedom Festival is a great opportunity to:

  • Experience what goes on behind the scenes at one of most influential technology festivals in the Baltics by helping create an outstanding event
  • Network and gather contacts for your future career, and make new friends
  • Learn about the latest trends, hot topics, issues and gain insight into worldwide digital culture
  • Gather inspiration from the various events and motivating speakers, as well as feel and observe the surrounding spirit of entrepreneurship
  • Test your skills and gain new knowledge, as well as share your experience

Become part of the DFF team – gain invaluable firsthand experience that you will never forget!

Apply here to have some fun and get stuff done! Pssst … applications open till 18th of October!