Digital Freedom Festival New Programme Additions Include UN Representative Laura Hildebrandt, Genome Foundation President Susanne Baars and Google Teaching Fellow Marek Miller

On November 15th the technology, startup, policy and lifestyle Digital Freedom Festival programme will include several new inspirational speakers – Head of Global Outreach and Engagement for the UN Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign Laura Hildebrandt, Human Genome Foundation President Susanne Baars and Google News Lab Teaching Fellow Marek Miller. The festival will be held on November 14th and 15th in Riga and will gather more than 1500 technology and startup entrepreneurs, experts, policymakers, investors, journalists and students from all over the world to share inspiration and experiences.

Laura Hildebrandt works on the Action Campaign for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and promotes action on the country, society and organisational level and involves them in the global movement. She has worked at the UNDP for more than 10 years, promoting the involvement of society in UN policy creation on environmental sustainability. 

Marek Miller has been working in the media and journalism field for almost 15 years. He has experienced the digital transformation of newspapers in Poland. As a Google News Lab teaching fellow he has taught around 2500 Central Euroepan and Eastern European journalists this year. Marek is a technology, media, and journalism enthusiast.

Susanne Baars is an exponential technology innovator, genetic expert, and President of the Human Genome Foundation. Her purpose is to save millions of lives by creating universal access to lifesaving knowledge for every person on our planet. She has received several awards and has been named the youngest and most disruptive ‘TOP’ woman in the Netherlands.

Before the INTERNATIONAL OCEAN FILM TOUR VOL. 6 Latvian premiere on November 16th, festival attendees will be able to view the festival movie Plastic Ocean on the Delfi Media Lab stage. The “A New Narrative for a New Generation: International Ocean Film Tour” discussion on the health of oceans will be held before the movie. The goal of the festival is to inspire us to explore, respect, enjoy, and protect the oceans.   

Livestreams will be available for the Future Stage and DELFI Media Lab stage

With support from LMT the Digital Freedom Festival Future Stage livestream will be available at and through the LMT Straume app; the livestream will begin on November 15th at 10:00a.m. In turn, the livestream from our Content Partner DELFI media LAB stage will be available through the DELFI website; the livestream will begin on November 15th at 11:00 a.m. Both livestreams will be in English.