Celebrate with us the #STARTUPDAY on September the 12th

Save the date – September 12th, and mark #STARTUPDAY celebration in your calendars!  September 12th has already become a long awaited startup community get-together occasion – last year #STARTUPDAY gathered more than a thousand people throughout the series of events and workshops. This year we are aiming to double the number of participants and take the celebration to a new level!


#STARTUPDAY was first announced in 2017 and since then we are working our way through to Latvia becoming the first country in the world to officially recognize September the 12th as a Startup Day. Startup ecosystem is rapidly growing making it impossible to ignore the influence it has on the economy: new businesses create high value-added products and services, new well-paid jobs in the region and attract skilled workers from all over the world.

Ministry of Economy of Latvia study shows that:

  • More than 400 startups registered in Latvia in 2019
  • 2635 professionals are employed
  • EUR 120 million turnover in total in 2017
  • EUR 8 million paid in taxes in 2018
  • EUR 303.3 million raised between 2012 and 2018, 72% from a foreign investor

Startups became a significant part of our society influencing and shaping both commercial and public sectors. Based on the data above, officially recognizing #STARTUPDAY is a logical step for Latvia on the road of becoming worldwide known as a startup-friendly and innovation driven country with an open and inclusive economy.


#STARTUPDAY is an open knowledge and experience sharing platform, a place for discussions, networking, empowerment and celebration of the significant role startups are playing in the world of globalization and technology.

This day will include number of workshops, discussions and networking activities, as well as special events organised and presented by our community partners: Ministry of Economy, Riga City Council, Magnetic Latvia, StartinLV association, DDB and many others.


Despite the ever growing interest about new startup companies and innovative technological solutions within the corporate world and governmental sector, startup industry is still often associated with number of myths, stereotypes and assumptions. Yes, startups spend a lot of time in coworking spaces and yes, they like to be comfy on bean bags with their laptops. But startups do create new business ideas, employ and attract new talents, follow all the legal regulations and pay taxes. Being a part of the startup team is far beyond playing table tennis in the office, folks.

The Startup Day is an opportunity to familiarize the society with the startup phenomenon, breaking the borders and inviting everyone to participate in the #STARTUPDAY celebration. We want to show that the startup ecosystem is not an exclusive and closed community, rather than a very inclusive crowd of open-minded, free-spirited and ambitious individuals.


Latvian startup ecosystem is booming with lot of networking events and meet-ups, new cross-industry cooperation opportunities and market globalization.

Therefore, StartupDay is created to unite together all the players of startup ecosystem and to create an environment in which, at this point of time, we could drive the competitiveness and development of the whole industry locally and internationally. #STARTUPDAY is an occasion, when all the parts of the Baltic startup ecosystem can come together for the experience exchange, networking and celebration. We know that nowadays it is not about what you know, but who you know – the #STARTUPDAY is a day to create cross-industry bonds and make new connections outside your cluster!

The complete agenda to follow shortly! We invite everyone to be part of the #STARTUPDAY with your ideas and contribution.. Stay tuned!

Partners: #DFFestival, BuildIt Accelerator, Commercialization Reactor, Magnetic Latvia, Ministry of the Economy of the Republic of Latvia, Business Incubator of the University of Latvia, Startin.LV, RTU Design factory, Startup Safari, DDB Latvia and others.