Innovation Leader Masterclass

Innovation Leader Masterclass

By Artis Cicens, who is a passionate Innovation Leader and Corporate Innovation Strategy Consultant. Previously worked for SEB Banka, Tet, and BTA insurance companies in the position of Innovation Leader, which is an essential role in making change happen inside a large organisation.

November 14,  2019;  9:00-12:00


FORMAT: Three hours of intensive training with a balanced and thorough blend of theory, observation, practical workshops and discussions to help you master the ABC of innovation leadership.




The age of innovation is here to stay. The question is – are you prepared for it?

There are no “one solution for everyone” when it comes to innovation, but learning about Innovation Leadership will help you avoid simple risks and increase chances of success. This workshop will help you deliver impact in your organisation whether you work in corporate management, research and development, technology, design, marketing and sales, human resources, etc.

Understanding business innovation tools will empower you to use them efficiently for your benefit and accelerate the growth of your organisation – be it solving business challenges, adding value to your products and services, or reinvent core business functions and personnel itself. After all, as it was put in one Financial Times article:
“if a company’s people cannot communicate the how, why and what of innovation to each other, the chances of progress are low.” This masterclass will let you establish your base camp and from there on you can set new goals in conquering the peak of innovation.


In this brain stimulating session, based on theory, real-life and best practice examples, research and personal experience, we will explore the subject of idea creation and innovation and seek practical answers to the following questions:

  • What is understood by business innovations and how to start innovations in your organisation?
  • What can you do, as employers, leaders, or colleagues, to trigger creativity in yourselves and your organisations and to facilitate innovative environments that consistently encourage and accelerate new ideas?
  • How to find the right tools for solving business challenges and add value to your products and services?
  • Should you reinvent core business functions and personnel itself? How?
  • How to advance from a set of new ideas and concepts to a practical list of prioritised activities – activities that will consistently add value to your business?

Best practice examples of corporate innovations will help you make sense of which tools are best for your organisation. You will get involved in practical activities and mini group workshops in order to understand the use of innovation tools (e.g., design sprint, business model, customer development, hackathon) to enable faster learning. 


Corporate executives and government representatives, who are key decision makers in various departments within an organisation corporate management, research and development, technology, design, marketing and sales, human resources etc. and who want to:

  • enhance their own creativity, expertise and innovation;
  • foster a creative and innovative environment in their teams and organisations.


Artis Cicens founder of corporate innovation consultancy at the Digital Freedom Festival, is a business innovation pioneer in Latvia, who has specialised and worked in the field of innovations for more than 10 years. He has been an essential resource in making change happen inside such large organizations in Latvia as SEB Banka, Tet, and BTA insurance company.

Artis is a passionate innovation leader who consults organisations on how to boost ideas, innovation and creativity (corporate innovation strategy consultant): assists in the process of designing relevant, clear-cut, and actionable innovation strategies; facilitates the various implementation stages; coaches and trains individuals and groups. Some of the clients are RTU Design Factory, StartupDay, Ekonomikas Ministrija, Lejiņa & Šleiers.

As a result from earlier carrier, Artis is also proficient in marketing and sales, e-commerce, sponsorship and loyalty programme development.