Innovation Leader Bootcamp

For the first time, a two day Innovation Bootcamp for innovation leaders will be organised in Latvia, which will seek practical answers to questions what are the business innovations and how to make them a practice every day?

Together with innovation pioneers from Latvia and UK and through practical activities you will get a deeper understanding of innovative approaches, methods based on real-life examples and best practice corporate innovation case studies to make sense of innovation strategy for your organisation.

  • Artis Cicens (LV), Digital Transformation & Strategy consultant. Artis has experience in marketing, e-commerce, sales and loyalty program development. Has worked as Innovation lead at SEB Banka and Tet (Lattelecom) and with other clients.
  • Paul Finch (UK) Corporate Innovator. Paul specialises in helping start-ups develop the best strategies to grow their business, validate their market, get investment and work with some of the biggest corporate names (Tesco, Cisco etc.) to help them partner with emerging technologies and innovators.
  • Rayan Jawad (UK) Corporate Innovator. Founder at Growth Studio and Programme Director at CityVerve Smart Cities Open Innovation. He specialises in helping startups develop the best strategies to grow their business, validate their market, get investment, and partner with industry. 

Date: September 10th – 11th

Location: TBC

Audience: This event is for those who will lead innovations at the company.


What’s in it for me?

This event will give you understanding about business innovation language and specifically innovation tools and techniques will be discussed and practically used.

It will deal with New Way of Working skills. What are the must have skills today for any business and professional to innovate. Participants will be provided a common innovation toolkit which help to individuals or organisations set up their innovation strategy.

You will learn:

  • What is basic knowledge about innovative approaches and methods?
  • How to apply design thinking to projects or business?
  • How to become customer centric?
  • How to do process optimisation?
  • Practical experience for innovation strategy development.
  • What practical tools to apply and how to scale innovations?

Who should attend?

TOP management representatives. Strategic, business or government unit responsible. Individuals and teams who are looking to experiment with unconventional methods to unblock innovation triggers in a company.

Who are we?

DFF Innovation Leader Bootcamp is organized by leading industry experts and in cooperation with UK based growth marketing agency Growth Studios that have helped a number of corporate and government entities to work more innovatively, including Tesco, Cisco, Ramboll, Hewlett Packard, The National Health Service, and others.