Summer edition

DFF goes to LAMPA

We are excited to announce Digital Freedom Festival 2018 summer edition at the Conversation festival LAMPA this June in Cēsis city. For two uplifting days you can sharpen your mind, expand your horizons and brake stereotypes about technology. We will discuss policies, economic development and lifestyles – what’s wrong and what’s right and why so anyways.

Rapid technology innovations in 21st century have sometimes integrated and sometimes invaded our personal and professional life. They have changed the way we think, interact, how we lead and of course also affected our natural resources and assets. This has helped us to progress both at work and in our everyday lives. During the festival we will introduce you the wide range of technologies and vast opportunities it provides us. From discussion on how space technologies can help to improve medical services to demonstration of teledildonics and Black Mirror science fiction discussion. You know you have to be there!

June 29th

During the first day we will discuss various topics, such as how we can use space technology in our everyday lives here on earth, how children develop while growing up with technology, we will try to hack elections and discuss party proposals for further development of technology, as well as discuss sex and technologies and money – when physical cash will cease to exist. At the end of the first day you are welcome to attend our networking event. Space is limited, so click here to register in advance!

June 30th

The second day will focus on the human relationship with technology – why digital detox is important, how artificial intelligence affects our workplace and daily lives, what can go wrong in smart cities, and biohacking – how to hack ourselves as human beings. The DFF Summer Edition will conclude with some insights on the future world of technology. And who knows – it can be exciting, but it could also be a bit terrifying!

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of our exciting discussions visit our facebook events for the first day and second day programme and click “going”!

We’re certain that there is so much more for you to experience in the world of technology. Come meet us at the Digital Freedom Festival tent, where we’ll be getting to know new technology and celebrating digital culture!