The first annual Digital Freedom Festival (DFF) is taking place in Riga. We have prepared a short guide for those DFF participants who have never visited this beautiful and vibrant metropolis of the Baltics. 

Accurate and well-organised information about Riga can be found on the Live Riga site, which is provided by DFF partner Riga Municipality. For information about your surroundings and a map on your mobile, one option is to use the Triposo app.

Riga has some of the best Wi-Fi connections in Europe. DFF partner Lattelecom provides free high-speed wireless internet in more than 930 locations throughout Riga. Usage hints.


Now that you have safely arrived and are mobile, it is time to secure your basic needs for tasty and healthy food and a good night's sleep. Riga can definitely take you to an exciting gastronomic journey with a wide choice of local and international cuisine - explore options. For recommendations and customer feedback, use the Swarm application.

The few hours that you will have for sleep you can spend in a hotel, a hostel, an apartment or a guest house. The DFF official hotel is Albert Hotel - it is within a walking distance to the venue and you can use a special code DFFXALBERT when booking a room for a discount. 


First things first. You can come to Riga by plane, ferry, train, bus or car. Detailed information.

Finding your way around Riga is easy, as the DFF venue is located in the centre of city and all major attractions are within walking distance. If you feel like taking a ride, Riga offers well-connected public transportation services (tram, trolleybus and bus) or you can take a taxi, or rent a bike or a car. Learn more. For convenience we recommend that you use Trafi app for public transportation and Taxify - for taxi services in Riga.


If you plan on spending some time in Riga apart from attending DFF, there are plenty of cultural activities for you to choose from, including exhibitions, museums, art galleries and plain movies. Find out what is hot. If you are in the mood for a stroll, we suggest that you explore the finest and the largest collection of art nouveau buildings in the world.


Well, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. Be aware that there are only 40 sunshine hours in total in November, the average daily temperature is +1.7 C and it’s almost always rainy (on average, the number of precipitation days is 19). In order to stay warm and dry, use your favourite weather app, but also bring your umbrella and Gore-Tex or use a taxi!

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