The DFF Hard Core Team

Meet the team of the Digital Freedom Festival who helps to spread the spirit of the digital freedom further and believe that only in an open cooperation between startups, corporations, policy makers and lifestyle we can really discuss how to bring the benefits of the digital culture to every member of society.


Ieva Keviešena

Project Leader


Ieva is a passionate foodie, who officially makes the best chilli con carne in Rīga. She’s an enthusiastic hiker, having completed a hiking tour in the French Alps and climbed to the top of the photogenic Angel’s Landing in Utah. Also avid sports fan and Murjani Sports Gymnasium graduate.

Ieva has more than 10 years of experience in project management and leadership in tourism and PR industries.

Ieva knows the ins and outs of the Digital Freedom Festival and constantly keeps her fingers on the DFF’s pulse. Nothing goes unnoticed past Ieva’s eagle eye.

Ieva is responsible for establishing partnerships and coordinating their contribution to the Digital Freedom Festival, as well as provides support for our speakers. She can tell you everything about the DFF Pitch, events and program – even in the middle of her sleep (which she won’t be getting much prior to the DFF).


Inese Tauriņa

On-site Manager


Inese is responsible for creating the DFF experience for every  attendee. Without any exaggeration, she knows the ins and outs of every aspect of what will take place at the festival. Everything you will see, hear, taste and feel will be carefully handpicked by Inese so that you will leave with many fond and cherished memories.

Alongside her contribution to the DFF, Inese is also a board member at Transparency International Latvia where she promotes transparency and fights local corruption, the Executive Secretary at the Latvian Public Relations Association, and was formerly the head of the PR office at Riga Stradins University.

Contact Inese to volunteer at the DFF and gain an outstanding experience by helping to create this event!


Inga Tauriņa

Press Secretary


Inga likes to challenge herself in all aspects of life. She has climbed Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe, bungee-jumped over Zambezi River in Africa and has gone skydiving in Lithuania. Professionally she is not afraid to plunge into uncharted waters, having recently started to work in the startup and tech environment.

After working for the Latvian government in areas such as defense, foreign affairs, justice and banking, Inga is ready to embrace the world of tech with open arms. As a social anthropologist by education, she is very curious about diversity of human world, and how tech has thus far and is yet to affect our way of life.

Inga is the eyes and ears of the festival when it comes to media relations and press. She is in charge of attracting local and foreign media attention, getting them on board as partners and won’t let journalists to lose a focus.


Edīte Millere

Community & EduHub Lead


Edīte has been networking with people, developing her organization and leadership skills  since 1985. She has worked in the education and IT industries for over ten years at a global scale. Experienced in intercultural and cross sector communication, networking along her globe trotting life and bring people together from all corners of the world, whilst living in Africa, USA, Europe and Australia. She’s worked with clients as an interpreter, teacher, events manager for private and public sector,  business development specialist in IT sector and political lobbyist.

Edīte is one of Riga TechGirls co-creator and #femtech activist, manages the Riga TechGirls and UX Riga conference communities and business development. On the side she has her own events management company, works for National Education Centre in Latvia, making new education curriculum much more competency based and techy.

Needless to say, she’s the coolest kid in town, and she’s gathered all the coolest tech representatives from the neighbourhood for the DFF!


Ieva Treija

Marketing & Sales Lead


8 hours of sleep and at least one day off work per week – Ieva considers this to be the formula to success. This is how she can free her mind and let in different creative ideas and thoughts about strategic development. Ieva likes hiking and other outdoor activities, and she cares about different social initiatives that she supports by offering advice on marketing.

Ieva is knee-deep in the startup ecosystem. She helps startups to market and to develop interesting and compelling story about themselves. She works as an advisor to startups and helps them find the best way to communicate and gain access to the largest audience possible. Ieva is an experienced writer with a journalist background, and is the editor of the only local startup media platform ‘Labs of Latvia’.

With her 10+ years experience, Ieva is helping DFF achieve its goal to get together 1300 bright and ambitious startups, investors, corporates and students.


Viktorija Graudiņa

Social Media and PR


Viktorija has traveled around the world and lived in 4 different countries. She has worked in PR since 2007 and is an experienced translator (and allegedly fluent in Spanish after a couple of drinks).

An athlete at heart, Viktorija has competed in top tier competitions and worked as a gymnastics and cheerleading coach with several universities, and is a founding member and current president of the Baltic Cheerleading Organization. She is also passionate about world history and involves herself in politics, occasionally running for local office to try to foster improvements and make the world a better place.

Viktorija communicates with potential partners and sponsors, and is in charge of DFF’s social media activities. Although Viktorija is new to the tech world, she’s excited to gain new knowledge, especially on this year’s Green Tech topic.


Patrīcija Pārpuce

Project Assistant


Patrīcija is a young and enthusiastic individual with a healthy appetite for new challenges and experiences. She was the head of PR and Social Media for the Sculpture Quadrennial Riga 2016, project manager at CREATD design agency and a freelancer in her spare time.

She has a special appreciation for cinematography and Wes Anderson movies, she follows National Geographic on Instagram leading her to become an amateur birdwatcher, and prides herself with her FROONT skills – skills that pay her bills.

Patricija is in charge of arts exhibition planning, organisation of FinTech discussions and merchandise at the Digital Freedom Festival.


Māris Antons

Digital Strategist


Māris is a self-taught practitioner of digital communications and marketing. He manages a digital store, gives lectures on digital development and is currently trying to figure out fishing on a weekly basis.

Māris started his career in digital advertising as social media project manager. Since then, he’s held various, well connected roles, all are related to communications in the digital world. Managing a small agency, launching an online shop as a nation-wide manager, being on the board of Latvian Association of Public Relations, teaching digital marketing to marketing professionals and advancing the field of performance marketing in Latvia are just some of the things Māris has done over the past six years.

As a part of DFF team Mr. Antons oversees digital communication channels with a focus on reaching  the wonderful people who should attend DFF.



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